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BLÜ EYES Quotes Her Latest Single as “Infectious”

Photo credit: Brittany Berggren

“I hope that if someone finds themselves in a dark place, this song can be a little guiding light to help them soldier on – like it was for me.”

It is often through the universal language of music we find we are not alone.

LA-based singer/songwriter BLÜ EYES uses soaring melodies, coupled with intimate soul-bearing lyrics, to triumphantly uncover the beauty in the broken.

With releases on labels like Armada, Hexagon, AVA, and many more, her songs have garnered the endorsement of radio shows like A State of Trance and Beats Radio 1.

Following her substantial success with top-lining tracks in the dance world, BLÜ EYES has come into her own – releasing several self-produced singles that portray not only who she is as a vocalist, but who she is as an artist. 

Photo credit: Brittany Berggren

Co-written with Jonny Shorr and Haley Joelle BLÜ EYES’ latest single “Just Life, ” is telling of a fight between friends that mirrors a breakup. “Life isn’t always pretty, but there is always beauty in perseverance,” says BLÜ. “I’ve been hit with several life-altering experiences (complete career rebuilding, losing friends), and this song has been a small space of comfort for me in those uncertain moments.”

“Just Life” flows through you like an endless sea of emotions as you sit in silence on your balcony with a cup of coffee in hand, thinking about some vulnerable situations you’ve come face-to-face with in the past. A story braided in song, and the voice in everyone’s head reminding them that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Penned like a letter to a younger more innocent self, BLÜ delivers an honest and reflective take on all that may go wrong in life, while communicating that we are no better or worse off than anyone else as we have all shared in similar experiences, because that’s just life. Things will happen that are inevitable or that we may not agree to, but we will learn to adjust the sails.

The first line of the chorus is, “There’ll be nights you wanna punch the wall / spend ‘em crying in a bathroom stall,” and during that rough, emotional time, I lived out those lines like they were some sort of freaky premonition,” BLÜ explains. “I quite literally cried in several bathroom stalls while listening to that demo on my phone, speaker pressed up against my ear, trying to reassure myself that I was going to get through it.”

BLÜ believes that the kind of music that latches onto the heart, tells the most real version of one’s life story. As we turn the pages, we may not always like the chapter we’re on, but we do get to choose the ending.

Stream the track below:

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