Your Paris’ Plea For Hope in Latest Single “Rooms”

Although 2020 has come with its fair share of hurdles, there’s no denying that the feats achieved by Canadian musical duo Your Paris have been nothing short of extraordinary. Opening for Toronto indie-rock band Birds of Bellwoods, growing their Spotify audience to 14,000 monthly listeners and having been featured on many media outlets including Global News. 

Adopting a “take the bull by the horns” mentality, the pair have managed to make the most of these uncertain times by using their time stuck at home to their advantage. “We wrote and recorded music, got clear on our goals, and of course, made the occasional TikTok video,” says the duo.

Music they wrote; most recently recording “Rooms,” their 6th and final release of the year, a chilling blend of acoustic and electropop elements.

 A conflicted plea to ignore the mess in a relationship, “Rooms” intricately explores the complexities, dangers, and beauty of having the want to fall into each other’s arms.

In contrast to their previous release, “Rooms” suggests it may be time to take a chance on love. Sweep the past under the rug by avoiding rooms you wish not to go through. In other words, keep from revisiting past situations and hang on to what could be.

Complexly, to make love work we must remain open to one another’s feelings, allowing each other in by not being afraid to be vulnerable. “We don’t communicate / When we need to,” sings Laila. Implying it is important to do so if the relationship has any chance of becoming what they hope.

“Stop by the door and say you won’t go / Say that you’ll stay to see this fire grow.” Words relative to a wish of hope. As if in a dream. Imagining what it is you want to hear. A promise to stay and see the relationship through. Continue to spark the flame and watch the relationship bloom. There are no roses without thorns. It is here we are shown the beauty.

In a nod to the dangers of a relationship, Laila sings, “Tell me to undress / Could I be the person I’m afraid you would see?” Oftentimes we put on a façade to please one another in a relationship and are not able to show our true selves until it is too late. Dare she undresses (shows who she really is), and exposes hidden truths that may leave her significant other wishing the relationship never began.

The duo’s exit to 2020 is a promising outlook for what’s to come. “We’ve got a few songs ready to go, and a bunch in the works,” says Paris. “We’re really excited to keep going with the single game, especially since we’re really enjoying taking our time as we find our sound and vibe.”

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step, and that they have. We cannot wait to see what the duo has planned as 2021 rolls around.

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