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Indie-pop sensation morgen grows into adulthood on sophomore EP, ‘BRAVADO’

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After spending her early teenage years desperately seeking to find her place in a world that was mostly upside down, 18-year-old morgen is fully embracing the chaos that accompanies the challenges of becoming an adult. A member of the pandemic-era teenage generation, morgen’s “sweet 16” years were full of lonely self-discovery, perfectly chronicled in her debut EP, Unaccompanied Minor. Recently turning 18 and moving out of her lockdown family home for the brave new independent world of LA life is overwhelming, to say the least – yet she’s happier than she’s ever been. As she says, “growing up is not as terrifying as people make it out to be, all you have to do is pretend you know what you’re doing and you’re halfway there.”

With newfound confidence comes an energetic offering via Sony Music Australia and Avoca Drive. BRAVADO is the most bombastic expression of sound from morgen yet. The irresistibly catchy project is a refreshingly new version of the young musician listeners have come to know and love. Lead track “Second” features fellow indie-pop rising force, merci, mercy. The EP comes filled to the brim with whimsy; backed by bold instrumentation and topped off with her strong penchant for snappy lyricism.

An ever-evolving sound acts as a true reflection of morgen’s journey through this life thus far. The artist is no one-trick-pony; refusing to let her discography become stagnant, morgen seamlessly infuses various pop, rock, and electronic influences into this brightly textured opus. This fresh and carefree soundscape comes juxtaposed by morgen’s frenzied brain; a kaleidoscopic dreamland of anxious thoughts, cautious daydreams, and faulty decisions from seemingly unbreakable habits. Although morgen is excruciatingly self-aware, her reflective nature does not stop her from having fun as she launches into track after track of dynamic indie-pop.

On her EP release, morgen said, “’BRAVADO’ to me is about putting up a confident front while internally freaking out…settling into the unknown. While I was making this EP, I was going through the utter chaos of self-discovery of becoming an adult.”

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