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“Nashville” Star and Songwriter Jake Etheridge Releases New EP “Because I’m High”

One’s true power lies in learning how to embrace silence in a noisy world. Only then do we come to realize that silence is the element in which many things fashion themselves together. If you want to know yourself, you have to be with yourself; the bliss of the present moment. Although reaching such state of mind is not as easily attainable by the “over-thinker,” it can be achieved.

Much like the majority of us, star of CMT’s Nashville, and songwriter Jake Etheridge, tends to think of the past every now and again.

Written predominately late at night, when too tired to overthink, Etheridge presents an album centred around honest and inner dialogue of past and semi-arbitrary memories.

The first record to follow his 2018 release Only Everything, Because I’m High was orchestrated in moments of solace and reflection, without any distraction. Allowing Etheridge to channel his creative personality in the most freeing manner.

The 6-song EP includes three tracks Jake released as singles earlier this year, along with the three others, unveiled upon release. From the truthfulness of “Kayla’s Party,” to the memory-laden “My Head,” Because I’m High distills the true meaning and feelings from a handful of moments in Etheridge’s life. “I wanted the songs to feel warm – a slow jam that we all played together at once, not just a track by track ‘wall of sound’ type build up,” expresses Jake. Having spent time at an old, former painter’s home, which had been converted into a studio, Jake used the space as inspiration for his latest project. “The wood floors are covered in various colors of paint and it just had a feel unlike other ‘proper’ Nashville studios, full of floor creaks and the hum of the room; almost a sonic reflection of the lyrics.”

Jake crafts a record built on direct feelings and facts. For the introverts who claim to be extroverts and for the all-nighters, may we find the peace within ourselves to be one with our thoughts and embrace silence in a noisy world. Doing away with overthinking, Jake lets his music do the talking, now it’s time for you to do the listening.

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