PREMIERE: Navigate The Sky’s “Is It Just Me?”

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

William Arthur Ward, Author of “Fountains of Faith”

Through all that is life, we must learn to realize that the most control we can harness at any given time, is control over the present moment. It is you who allows your decisions to shape your future path.

True to this testament is Toronto-based indie-pop band, Navigate The Sky. Brendan DiStefano (singer), Shane Penhale (guitar), and Josh Podolak (drums, programming), three kids that grew up with a passion for music and production, now in a band, producing songs together. 

Premiering is the second single from the group this year, written and produced entirely by the trio themselves. Mixed by Gabe Gallucci (Shawn Mendes, Victoria Duffield), “Is It Just Me?” is a song about chasing your dreams, despite rejection, self-doubt, and the worst odds,” comments DiStefano. “It was written with a great friend of ours, BRDGS, at the Spotify-owned Secret Genius studio space in Toronto this past February. Little did we know how true our words would resonate only months later, when COVID-19 took over the planet.”

There is a correlation between the message the band is trying to convey throughout this new single and the name of the band itself. We must learn to navigate the world around us using the tools we’ve been given the best way we know-how. We all deal with these roadblocks, but we must fight our way through. “We try our best to channel those feelings into our music with the hopes it’ll help those listening, come out on top, says DiStefano. “Is It Just Me?’ stems from the moments of vulnerability we’ve all felt in the process, and the repercussions that follow.”

When it comes to breaking the barriers of the music industry, Toronto can feel overwhelming and intimidating as their music scene is often saturated with talent far beyond what the eye can see. But, this trio of indie rockers continue to prove they are no slouches. Investing all your time, energy, and hard work into something you’re extremely passionate about, pays dividends. “It’s made us realize the strengths in our individuality, and how important it is to be yourself amongst the crowd. I think I’ve slowly come to terms that it’ll always feel a bit overwhelming, but that’s what brought me to the city. Toronto’s vibrancy will always captivate and inspire me in so many ways,” says DiStefano. “I think somewhere during the pursuit of authenticity, we found our confidence, and I’m so glad we did. In a way, it really feels like we’re truly discovering our identity as a band.”

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