The Cabaret Quicksand Release New Single “All You Ever Wanted to Know (Sleeper 1973)”

After having spent the last 13 years providing the Rhythm section for the popular Niagara cover band Jonesy, musician Craig Rewbury called upon family, friends and fellow musicians Brad Battle, Jesse Stull, Gary Borden, Marc Ganetakos, Phil Wellman, Mike Palermo, and John Bowman, for his latest project The Cabaret Quicksand. Each of these talented players brings a unique element and style to Craig’s songs about past experiences, relationships with others, and world issues.

A nod to Britpop, the band’s latest single “All You Ever Wanted to Know (Sleeper 1973)” carries with it Oasis/Beatles nuances and is based on the Woody Allen film, The Sleeper, released in 1973.

The band reflects on “All You Ever Wanted to Know,”

“The song is a fantasy about what it would be like if your older, experienced, wiser self could advise your younger self about the decisions you should make while living your life. Would it be a good or bad idea to push you through all of that stuff undamaged or should you fall down and make those mistakes on your own?”

In a nutshell, the mature character is preaching to his younger self. What would it feel like waking up, say hundreds of years later in the world, and trying to exist?

The original thought was to record the song in a fairly basic form until it started to take a life of its own in the studio with a sitar, Moog synths, aboriginal instruments, and a plethora of percussion.

Cabaret believes that a good song is something that can be performed with a full band with all of the extra layers that multiple musicians bring, but should blow you away with raw emotion.

 The quality and depth of lyrics are very important to them. The message is real and the listener can relate on many levels. The band also likes to use a lot of metaphors and symbolism so the listener shouldn’t take the lyrics so literally. However, they’re quite happy to hear a fan’s perspective or take on a song. They say, “A song is what you as a listener/fan would want it to be.”

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