Chelsea Charles

Chelsea Charles is a 21-year-old former boxing champion, turned vocalist, for alt-rock band Rio, and record label CEO of Coin Records based out of the Toronto area.

She has recently taken on a solo project by way of an EP titled “Stolen Spoons” featuring previously-released singles, “Cyanide” and “Honey.”

Chelsea explained, “Stolen Spoons came about after working a job as a waitress at a breakfast place; it is representative of how I used my past experiences to present my art.” Sometimes troubling times make for life’s best work and set us up for life’s greatest of journeys.

Chelsea will “knock you out” with stunning vocals and tranquil melodies.

This boxing champion sure knows how to deliver a punch.

Stream Chelsea’s EP “Stolen Spoons” below:

Fronting the five-piece alt-rock band, Rio, Charles and her bandmates have released one single titled “Watch Yourself” and plan on working on a full-length album post-pandemic.

Check out Rio’s latest single “Watch Yourself” below:

Coin Records is a small-scale independent record label specializing in band management and event promotion across Ontario. Now operating for over three years, with over 200 local bands having performed at their events, Coin Records plans on widening their horizon and taking GTA musicians to a bigger stage. 

Coin Records offers live-bookings, distribution management, social media handling, artist branding, promotional organization, copyright guidance, and merchandising opportunities.

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Written by Matthew Patania

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