Much like a boomerang, is the emotion of love. It will always find its way back to those that throw it (give it out).

Growing up as a third-culture kid, kessari used music as a tool to keep her grounded in the face of adversity. While her friends, identity, and where she calls home, has continually changed, one thing’s for sure; the music never left.

Inspired by artists such as Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Culter, kessari’s lyrics provide listeners with stories that follow along the spectrum of love: from young and unrequited, to the bitterness of heartache. Her music paints a picture of internal monologue, with her bedroom-pop sound drawing from the influences of mxmtoon and Ashe.

Written in August of last year, kessari’s debut single, “Instead” is a love letter expressed in the form of a song, telling of a breakup with a significant other. “Ending a relationship with someone is never as clear-cut as we’d like it to be, explains kessari. “At that moment in time, I thought I was completely over him, but those feelings that spent many months buried within the depths of my subconscious came flooding back, the second I saw him again in person.”

Having met through a mutual friend, kessari teamed up with producer ERL to work on the track, while in Bangkok and he in New York. “In hindsight, it was great that we started working together remotely because ultimately, we were to finish the track in separate countries due to COVID,” explains kessari.

Deep down, “Instead” is a song of much insight, providing the listener with a relatable situation. “Everyone’s gone through a breakup and I think especially now, the feeling of loneliness is persistent because many of us are living in isolation during this pandemic,” expresses kessari. “With isolation comes reevaluation and reflection which is not always easy when our lives are usually so busy that we could distract ourselves from these thoughts if we choose to.”

Wise beyond her years is a 22-year-old entering the music scene with a message to all. Music is not about having something to listen to but rather having something to feel – something to connect to and carry with you through various stages in your life.

With several more tracks to be released throughout the remainder of the year, kessari’s dreamy lyrics and electronic beats make for a great introduction of what’s to come.

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Written by Matthew Patania

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