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Relive The Rush Of New Love: William Prince Releases Two New Singles, “When You Miss Someone” & “Tanqueray”

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There are many ways to miss someone: in small parts, all at once, with your whole heart. 

It doesn’t matter why you miss them, you just know that you do. You crave their company because they make you feel. Maybe they make you feel safe or maybe they make you feel understood –  or maybe they just make you laugh. Whatever it is, when that person is gone, that feeling is also profound.

At the heart of William Prince’s “When You Miss Someone,” we find a lifetime of emotions and witness how deep they can go. And it’s only just touching the surface, so to speak. (It’s the opening track from his upcoming album, Stand in the Joy.) William’s comforting and familiar velvet baritone stops us from missing anything else and puts us right in the moment. It’s a song that is so full of ache but surrounded by such gratitude that it pushes past the pain of feeling torn apart. To miss someone is actually a blessing. It confirms what you feel for them is real.  

And it sends us right into the arts of “Tanqueray,” a song that captures the head rush of new love, the kind that sets larger things – including the story of this album – in motion. The first verse spills out like we’re overhearing a conversation between close friends, retelling how he fell in love. It carries on like an outstretched hand of offering. The last chorus is flowing and overflowing. “Tanqueray” gives us the breath we need to take the chances in life and in love we only hear about in songs. 

Sure, love can make you wince, it can cut you deep, it can move you to heavy tears. But it can move you beyond words, make you feel elated, give you strength when you need it. So why miss out on life’s greatest joys when you can stand in them? 

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