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Folk Duo Ocie Elliott Share Intimate New EP, ‘A Place’

Photo Credit: Kelly Lovett

Victoria B.C. duo Ocie Elliott (Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy), dream up dusty folk painted in broad strokes of acoustic instrumentation and lyrical eloquence meant for nights under the stars, long drives with no destination, and quiet moments of reprieve.

The pair first met playing music at a festival on the small, wind-swept Salt Spring Island, where their love of music and the chemistry of their voices fostered an instant connection. Over time, they have shared experiences through a kaleidoscope of artful songcraft, elegant instrumentation, and entrancing spirit; tailor-made for the bliss of love in full bloom.

Today, the duo unveiled their new EP, A Place. The four-song EP is a rather intimate collection of tender harmonies and empathetic storytelling.

Photo Credit: Kelly Lovett

Ocie Elliott shares on the record,

“‘A Place’, is a collection of songs written mainly during the summer of 2020. Primarily centered around the acoustic guitar, these songs revisit a summer spent off the road reflecting upon topics of love, loss, companionship, and home.”

The opening track “Wait For You” illuminates the duo’s heightened empathy and keen storytelling. “Obviously, Sierra and I were very close throughout the whole pandemic, but ‘Wait For You’ imagines someone who’s far away from the person he or she loves,” explains Jon. “This person will be there until the end and wait forever though.”

On the previously released single “Like A River,” Jon’s voice coasts over lightly strummed guitar before Sierra counters with a breathy response. On the day John Prine passed away, the duo stole off to a secluded spot where they filmed covers of his music. In between, “Like A River” organically took shape, so Jon initially recorded it on his iPhone. “The lyrics just came to us,” he goes on. “We had a general idea that we wanted it to be about the feelings that day evoked.”

Even though having originated from an iPhone demo, the hushed love lullaby that is “Eyes Fall” conjures classic folk with its rustic instrumentation and straight-from-the-heart lyricism.

Closing out the record is the wistful title track. Born out of one of their only gigs in the summer of 2020 on Salt Spring Island, nostalgic lyrics evoke the air of a cool July evening, under the glow of moonlight as they cherish the fleeting moment. “We hadn’t played in five months,” recalls Jon. “We were on Salt Spring Island where Sierra is from. Both of our families were there. It was just a beautiful and classic summer night with clear skies. It definitely makes me reminisce about summertime and feel a bit melancholic because you never want the feeling to end.”

In the end, Ocie Elliott deepens their connection to listeners by opening up more than ever. “Whether it’s a minor moment or something bigger, we hope our music inspires you when it comes to life and living,” Jon leaves off. “There are a lot of emotions wrapped up in what we’re doing. We hope the feelings translate.”

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