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Charles Wesley Godwin pulls back the veil of life on the intensely personal 19-track album ‘Family Ties’

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Melding melody with memories, and workmanship with wisdom, Charles Wesley Godwin illustrates the makings of his life through his third and most accomplished record to date – Family Ties.

Godwin demoed the songs that would become Family Ties on a Tascam 4-track (thanks to his love for Bruce Springsteen’s seminal Nebraska). He then recorded them at one of his dream studios, Echo Mountain in Asheville, North Carolina, with his long-time band, the Allegheny High, and long-time producer, Allegheny High guitarist Al Torrence.

“I decided I was going to write about my life and my family,” explains Godwin. “It’s where my heart was guiding me: to be super personal and dig right into the weeds of my life.”

The songs that comprise Family Ties are themselves portals into Godwin’s life—tuneful tales of the native West Virginian’s friends, family and foundation. Family Ties is an intimate affair — images set to tune, so many of them specifically created for his own family members. There’s the unflinching “Miner Imperfections,” penned for his father; the mournful and contemplative “The Flood” for his mother; the beatific “Gabriel” for his son; the mournful yet hopeful “Dance in Rain” for his daughter; and the love letter that is the slow-rolling “Willing and Able” for his wife.

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