Len Mizzoni

When it’s in your blood, it becomes your blood. Encouraged to pursue music from an early age, Canadian singer-songwriter, producer Len Mizzoni grew up playing in bands and writing songs throughout his teenage years.

As a former member of the Juno award-winning pop-rock band, Frozen Ghost, Mizzoni is no stranger to the music business. A veteran of many studio sessions, Mizzoni has contributed to a variety of recording projects and commercials, working alongside Skip Prokop of the iconic Canadian band, Lighthouse.

Len’s solo work over the last few years began with the release of 2016 EP, Special Love. Since then, Len has gone on to release three full-length albums in as many years, with a fourth scheduled for release in early 2021. Released in 2018, Mizzoni’s debut album Waves of Indigo has been a great addition to an ever-evolving solo career. An invitation to get lost in what is a combination of multi-instrumentalism and rhythm, creating a jazz-filled pop sound, soothing for the soul. As a follow-up to his 2018 release, Mizzoni compiled Better Days; an amalgamation of light, upbeat tunes and emotional ballads, Mizzoni envisioned “better days” to come, moving forward; that he got, with his 2020 release Forever. Maturing with every release, Forever, rolls jazz, pop, rhythm and blues all into one. A heartfelt album full of love songs and personal reflection, Len is a true master of his craft.

Having the ability to write in many genres and styles of music, Len’s catalogue of original songs includes everything from country, pop, rock, R&B, funk and smooth jazz. With streams in over 45 countries, Len has amassed 275,000 listens on SoundCloud, 20,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, most recently achieving viral status on TikTok with his track “Sad Songs” in over 6,500 videos totaling half-a-million plays. As he eyes his the release of his fourth full-length album in 2021, we cannot help but to be excited for what is to come. Len is a musician who is not afraid to push the envelope. The only limitations you set for yourself are those you plant in your mind.

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Written by Matthew Patania

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