Roni Bar Hadas

Born to a home full of music, multi-instrumentalist Roni Bar Hadas knows her way around a tune. Growing up, the Tel Aviv based singer-songwriter began her musical journey as a classical artist. It wasn’t until she decided to create her own material that Bar Hadas used songwriting as an escape route, helping her find solace and contentment in navigating the world around her.

After much time playing with various bands (Foto Mariana, Daniel Rubin, Gil Bar Hadas), and performing throughout Israel, Roni had decided it was time to find herself. 

Scheduled for release later this fall is Roni’s debut album, Calm the Beast. An introduction to what looks to be a promising solo career, Bar Hadas feels this pursuit of self has allowed her to express the freedom and courage she had been longing for as a classical musician. “I feel like this album contains so much from my personality as a musician and a human being, explains Roni. “I wrote and produced these songs as a way to communicate my intimate thoughts and feelings with the world.”

Co-produced by Zach Droy, Hadas’ Calm the Beast weaves a combination of alternative, folk, and rock genres inspired by artists such as Elliot Smith, Fiona Apple, and Beck. The title of the album is that of one of the tracks to be featured. “The song represents the courage to be revealed and the fear of being unaccepted, stemming from not accepting one’s self,” expresses Roni. “I feel like this theme is prevalent throughout the entirety of the album, which talks a lot about my maturation process as a woman and an inner dialogue about self-love, self-acceptance, and the courage to be revealed.” 

Most recently released, “I Ran All the Way” is the latest single from Roni’s catalogue. An acoustic-heavy composition about of a love unrequited. Roni sees hope hanging by a thread as she opens her eyes to a love she once held on to so strongly. “It helped me deny my loneliness. I ran all the way here and I don’t even know who you are,” she sings. When it comes to love, we tend to only see what we want to believe is true, so that we may keep our hearts from becoming broken. Roni’s loneliness was excused by the idea that she hung on to a love she thought was real. The idea of a companion for the heart outweighed reality. She soon saw that all she did to keep the love alive made no difference as she began to lose sight of the person she thought she once knew. “I hope my music comforts its listeners, explains Roni. “If anyone could relate with one of the lines and think to themselves – ‘I feel the same way’ – maybe my song can make them feel less alone.”

Roni Bar Hadas pens lyrics many of us can relate to in the simplest of ways. We all have something we’re going through or have gone through and therefore Roni’s music is a pleasant reminder that we’re all human. Lean on one another. 

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Written by Matthew Patania

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