Original Remy

Going by the stage name of OriginalRemy, 17-year old musician Ramir Parker grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, currently residing in Port Arthur, Texas. Having recorded covers from the age of 14, Ramir’s solo musical journey began after auditioning on American Idol in September of 2018. “The experience showed me a side of music I had never seen before. “Auditions proved difficult, but being turned away motivated me to solidify myself as an independent artist, says Remy.  “After my audition, I started doing shows, performing at a college in Virginia, and a mall in Henrico. I used those shows as a stepping stone to build my fan base.”

After a year of performing, Ramir began working on his first single, “Coffee In Paris.” Growing up in a single-parent household, Remy explains it was “difficult to truly know what love between a couple looked like.” When writing this song, Remy did his best to use a mix of imagination and imagery to encompass his idea of love. “Coffee in Paris” is his first official release in a series of six songs to be put out throughout the year. “This song is a soft love song that talks about the setbacks of having a distant crush,” says Remy. “I wrote this song to try and bring more of a bittersweet twist to the typical pop love song.”

Listen to OriginalRemy’s first of 6 songs “Coffee In Paris,” below:

Written by Matthew Patania

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