Roddy Colmer

For Toronto native Roddy Colmer, the musical road has taken many twists and turns. From rock/reggae band Rebel Emergency to electro-rock band Most Non-Heinous, Colmer has now shifted to releasing music as a solo artist, with his latest single being “White Little Lights,” having debuted this past May.

Roddy’s diversification throughout his past projects has allowed him to incorporate elements of each into his solo work.

Produced by Ben Nudds, “White Little Lights” weaves lyrics about love and loss into a haunting melody. The song builds into a stirring crescendo, blending darkness and light and ultimately leaving the listener feeling uplifted. The song was boosted by the talents of Jason Pierce (Our Lady Peace) on drums, and Stuart Cameron (Matthew Good Band, Crash Test Dummies) on guitar.

Colmer is also an active contributor to The Howard Stern Show, with his parody songs receiving consistent airplay. He plans to continue writing and recording in 2020, working towards a full EP release.

Watch the video for Roddy’s latest single, “White Little Lights” below:

Written by Matthew Patania

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