Ryan Lunn – “Embers”

Imagine yourself sitting beside a delicate fire, enjoying a lovely day. Whether in a forest, at the beach, or in your backyard. The warmth aided by vivid colour communicates vibrancy. Burning big and bright while just as quickly, burning out, leaving embers flickering; equal parts beautiful and peaceful. Those little embers hang onto any glimmer of hope as you throw firewood back into the fire and shuffle the embers around until a new flame sparks. Thus, beginning a new journey built on a foundation of old.

Much like a fire, eternal love is fueled, by passion, desire, hope, rebirth, resurrection, and purification; exactly what multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Ryan Lunn hopes to articulate throughout his latest single, “Embers.”

Chronicling the love story between him and his wife Jill, “Embers” tells the tale of a couple making a trip back to the same hotel where their love for one another began, in an effort to rekindle the “embers” of their affection. Lunn’s raspy tone and lyrical ability are on full display, painting a picture of love as innocent and honest, like the one he longs to hold on to.

An emerging artist from the Niagara region, Lunn has been nominated by Niagara Music Awards for Folk Artist of the Year, Producer of the Year, among others. Ultimately, winning Male Vocalist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year in 2019.

Standing tall, Ryan’s latest release makes for the perfect entrance into a calm and crisp fall. Available on all your favourite streaming platforms, “Embers” is the perfect song to listen to while curled up next to your significant other, reminding them why you began loving them in the first place.

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Written by Matthew Patania

Hi, I’m Matthew, and I am the Founder of Pulse Music Magazine. Having attended my first live show in the Spring of 2015, I realized just how much joy music brings to my life. As my love for music continued to grow, I decided to create a publication that serves as an outlet to share stories told through life's grandest medium.

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