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WATCH: grentperez unveils wondrous video for single “Why I Love You”

A self-confessed hopeless romantic, 20-year-old grentperez has mastered the art of depicting matters of the heart with his intricate songwriting and swooning melodies.

Born in Australia, Grant grew up as the youngest of three kids in a Filipino family, raised on a diet of The Eagles, The Beatles, and Queen, before moving on to the likes of Musiq Soulchild. As soon as he received his first nylon string acoustic he taught himself Jeremy Passion’s “Lemonade,” learning chords, shapes, and plucking patterns.

With the pandemic offering a chance to nurture his own songwriting, he worked on creating a catalogue of original, gorgeous bedroom pop that boasts a style that is truly his own.

After making waves and winning hearts over the last year with his flawless vocals, musical charisma, and timeless sound, grentperez has released his debut EP Conversations With The Moon, and it’s really something.

Why I Love You comes as the next installment, and it looks to be his biggest moment yet. Sharing more, grentperez explained: ‘“Why I Love You’ is a song about a relationship that seems too chaotic for its own good, but somehow, just works. This song really brings out the perfect imperfections within a relationship, talking about the inconvenience and moodiness that this person brings, but you ultimately love those factors because that’s what makes them who they are.  On top of that, to me makes the relationship that much more fun.”

Sat on a wealth of original releases, grentperez is, without doubt, an artist to watch this year.

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Written by Matthew Patania

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