Ashley McBryde & friends welcome you to Lindeville

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CMA and ACM award winner Ashley McBryde, along with collaborators, officially welcome you to Lindeville. With its honest, specific and morally complicated portrayal of the many characters that can personify small-town life, Lindeville will feel like a place that many have visited before.

Produced by John Osborne, Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville includes performances from McBryde, Brothers Osborne, Brandy Clark, Aaron Raitiere, Pillbox Patti, Caylee Hammack and Benjy Davis, delivering a distilled version of everything that listeners have come to appreciate from the Arkansas native: raw, honest, specific portraits of small-town America, and the many characters that you may encounter in any one of them.

Written during a week-long exercise in a rural cabin outside Nashville, McBryde set out with a group of her favourite collaborators to work up a project they had no intention of ever recording or releasing; each drawing from their own upbringings to give Lindeville an every-town realism blended with familiar characters, moral ambiguity and a healthy enough dose of gallows humour, to make this town feel like your town.

The opening track, “Brenda Put Your Bra On,” threads the needle, acquainting listeners with its first cast of characters.

I’d like to think that when you first get to town, you think to yourself, ‘What a cute little neighbourhood,’” outlines McBryde. “And then the next thing you see is dishes flying across Main Street. And you’re like, ‘Okay! Good morning, Lindeville And that’s when we find out that Tina’s friends are witnessing her catching Marvin cheating.'”

So ‘Bonfire at Tina’s’ is about all of those women in that town going, ‘Look, we all hate each other, and we can go back to talking shit about each other, but right now, one of us is hurting, and that gives us permission to drink too much, smoke and set shit on fire,’” McBryde imparts.

“I secretly hope that multiple people get together to burn the things that have been holding them back (in a super safe way),” admits McBryde. “But I hope that it becomes an anthem and an outlet, not just for women, but for anybody who’s like, ‘You know what? I’m so tired of struggling with my weight.’ And they go burn their scale. Yes. Do that!”

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