Elyse Aeryn

We don’t always know down which path in life we must travel. Our true calling is often waiting in the wings, a sentiment East-Coast Canadian singer-songwriter Elyse Aeryn knows all too well. 

The Nova Scotia native took a rather traditional career approach, pursuing a degree in chemical engineering, before doing a 180 in her late 20s.

Having played guitar since her early teens, Elyse became inspired by timeless artists such as Stevie Nicks, and contemporary game-changers like Maggie Rogers.

Releasing a handful of country-infused singles at the beginning of her career, Elyse believes she has finally found her unique sound. Her latest work can be described as electro-pop/indie-pop with a 90s spin.

Aeryn’s most recent release is her first self-produced single, “Salt.”  Available as of September 4th, “Salt” is the first single from an upcoming five-track EP, written and produced entirely by Aeryn on her home island of Cape Breton, NS. 

Aeryn says this song is a personal reinvention: inspired by coming home, the Atlantic Ocean, and spiritual awakening.

Elyse reflects on “Salt,”

Salt” is your end of summer heartbreak anthem. Energetic in its hard-hitting drums, yet steady in the bass line, it builds you up then lets you fall… just like a fiery summer love. With the vocal essence of a 90s Natalie Merchant and the fresh alt-pop vibe of Maggie Rogers, Salt reminds you of the spark that lit you up and left you burning. But all of the greatest loves are over now, aren’t they? 

Encapsulating the perfect feeling of relaxation, is a track that defines the East Coast of Canada through the beat and vocal sound of Aeryn. They both seem to complement each other well and are a highlight of the single, which might be the reason we have had this song on repeat lately! You cannot listen to this song without feeling nostalgic for those perfect summer days relaxing by the water with the ones you love, sippin’ salt-rimmed margaritas by the salt water

“Salt” is now available on all your favourite streaming platforms, along with the rest of Aeryn’s catalogue. 

We here at Pulse Magazine cannot wait for the remainder of Aeryn’s EP to be released and will be sure to keep you in the loop!

by Carling Marlok

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Written by Matthew Patania

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