Parker Graye

Originating from Orillia, Ontario, country/pop singer-songwriter Parker Graye crafts songs full of emotion, centered around themes of youthful summers, budding romance, and broken hearts. 

Having spent the past couple of years working alongside songwriters across Canada and throughout the United States, Graye caught the attention of producer John Strandell. Upon seeing the lyrics of Graye’s posted to social media, John mentioned that he wanted to bring her idea to life. Which has ultimately lead to the unveiling of her debut single, “Do Over.”

Written in late 2017, “Do Over” is a confession of Graye’s love for a Saskatchewan farm boy with whom she wanted nothing more than to rekindle the flame. “Days got longer, years got shorter, you moved on, but I still think of you,” sings Parker. “I guess those days are nothing more than memories, but I’m not giving up baby.” You can’t help but hang on to every word as Parker sings in a plea. 

Oftentimes, love lies in the innocence of the heart. We can get so wrapped up in a love we believe to be real that we will do anything to keep ourselves from believing it isn’t. 

To begin anew after things go astray is to bank on wishful thinking that all will be forgotten. “Go back to when we first met, no petty fights, and no regrets. When all we had or needed was this love.” There is no rewinding time to the honeymoon phase of a relationship. As pure and obsessive as love can begin, it will never be exactly what we hope for. 

Some people belong in our hearts and not in our lives. We must learn to be thankful to have been graced by their presence. Sometimes we should save that second chance for ourselves.

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Written by Matthew Patania

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