Your Paris

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Singer-songwriters Nick Babcock (former member of alt-rock band Kasador) and Laila Kharouba complement each other perfectly, drawing on past experiences that will be sure to resonate with many. Their unique blend of pop with R&B, lush vocal harmonies, and poignant lyrics will leave you saying, “I’ve been there.”

Drawing inspiration from Chelsea Cutler’s “Your Shirt,”and the 1975’s “Paris,” Your Paris is a dreamy new pop project captivating listeners with chic and modern breakup anthems. Akin to Julia Michaels, Oh Wonder, Loote, and Pink Sweat$, the pair blend together vulnerability and edginess, to bring listeners groovy and fresh sounds. 

Officially launched in January of this year, the Toronto/Kingston duo has released a series of singles, with their latest, “About Love,” described by the pair as a “reminiscent and reflective call out to an ex-lover.”

When it comes to relationships, we sometimes find ourselves creating false ideals, often only existing within the confines of our mind. “Don’t talk about dreams in your head, a white picket fence,” sings Babcock. White picket fences have come to symbolize the ultimate “American Dream,” the classic suburban concept of living in a modest residential home with children, pets, and a sense of community safety, seen as the highest goal many try to pursue.

The idea of a picture-perfect love will only set up many for disappointment. Love itself is a game of give-and-take. We must learn to balance the good with the bad because once the love we held onto so dearly is gone, there are no second chances. “You’ll get that rush again but, I already know that it won’t be with me,” sings the duo. “You had your one shot, chose another.” 

A dazzling heartbreak anthem disguised as a love song, “About Love” tells a story of what could have been if only the woman hadn’t turned a blind eye to all the ways of which her significant other gave her the world; through adventure, family and friends. 

No life is as perfect as the movies we watch, or the dreams we dream. 

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Written by Matthew Patania

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