INTERVIEW: Acclaimed Canadian Artist Dusted Talks New Single, Upcoming Record, + More

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Today, acclaimed Canadian songwriter Dusted aka Brian Borcherdt released a brand-new single ‘’Little More Time’’ via AWAL on all streaming services. Borcherdt is the founding member of Holy Fuck as well as LIDS which includes members of Metz and Constantines, and has a single due out this year on Sub Pop. 

Also announced today is the forthcoming album ‘’III” slated for release this Summer,  and is available for pre-order here . The new album is the follow up to the acclaimed 2018 release Blackout Summer, and will provide a welcome musical shot in the arm, for fans who have anxiously waited three years for new music from Dusted.

The release of ‘’Little More Time’’ is accompanied by a video in which the story is of an unlikely bond between Borcherdt and his companion, a small dinosaur. The song itself is a tribute. The lyrics are a eulogy. The video follows the duo on their last days together as they get drunk and watch an asteroid approaching.

As the founding member of the Canadian electronica band Holy Fuck, and the frontman and primary songwriter for Dusted, can you explain the creative thinking process of moving from unhinged dance music to a moodier grunge feel? What elements of past projects have you weaved into Dusted’s material? 

Though the musical styles are different they complement each other well. They fit into different parts of the brain with plenty of elbow room; one isn’t trying to push the other around. One significant difference is that Holy Fuck is a very collaborative expression. Even if I do post-production and sound-sculpting after the initial band performance, it still comes from a very communal thing. We encourage everyone to do their part. And there isn’t a whole lot of Holy Fuck material written prior to the four of us meeting up. So, having a project like Dusted fits comfortably in my creative wheelhouse; I can write something on my own and keep it minimal and personal. It’s not really a group process. I love what each of these different approaches brings to my life. I feel more complete because they both exist.

The release of your new single “Little More Time,” is what you describe as being about “anyone losing someone or something they love while wishing for more.” In what way has this solo project allowed you to tap into your feelings by recognizing the makeup of your individuality and/or sameness amongst others? 

Expressing myself with words is already a big departure from Holy Fuck. Some of the Holy F material has words but it is mostly driven by the energy. There’s heaps of emotion. But it is delivered through the performance the dynamic, the tension and release. It isn’t lyrical. Dusted is lyrical, maybe by default. I also write most of my Dusted stuff initially without lyrics. Again, the expression comes from the music, the melody etc. But somewhere down the line the voice has to take on words. That’s a tough process; I’m not a ‘lyrics’ person but I also respect lyrics immensely. They are important in spite of everything. 

With your next album to be released in the coming months, what can fans expect as a follow-up to Blackout Summer?  In the same token, what is your hope for those newly introduced to Dusted’s music? 

I think this album harkens back to Total Dust. And that will kind of tie a nice bow around all three records. It has a stronger, singular statement than Blackout Summer. I think that will be more inviting to new listeners. It’s easier to understand as a whole.

As someone with such a rich musical background, what is one piece of advice you could offer to other artists who wish to follow their dreams?

Don’t be afraid to disappoint people. Not everyone is meant to understand everyone else’s creative voice. Make something that expresses your own. It will resonate somewhere. Always try to make your art as nearly sublime as possible even if half the people out there think it stinks.

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