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WATCH: Meg Mac returns with brilliant new offering “Is It Worth Being Sad”

Photo Credit: Heather Gildroy

“Is It Worth Being Sad”? This rhetorical question sets the scene for the introduction to Meg Mac in 2022.

For those familiar with Meg’s impressive past releases, it hints at what has occupied her in her time out of the spotlight. And for those unfamiliar, it epitomizes the thoughtful artistry of this inimitable artist as she takes her craft to a new, higher level. 

Her new single “Is It Worth Being Sad” is a stunning offering, bold in its scope and execution, yet humble and intimate at the same time. Produced by electrifying producer duo The DonutsKendrick Lamar, H.E.R. – it finds this maverick delving into the depths of inner darkness to chart a forward path.

Opening with a haunting vocal loop, Meg’s vocal arrives with a question—“tell me is it worth being sad about now / now I’ve had so much time.” The soft heartbeat of a kick drum pulses the song forward to the explosive chorus, and her heart-breaking intentions become apparent, with each word forced to its emotional conclusion. “Is It Worth Being Sad” stands out on its own as the artist’s more personal, pointed creation.

The sonic grandeur that shrouds “Is It Worth Being Sad” contrasts with the neat simplicity of her methods. “I recorded myself singing the chords into the loop pedal,” she recalls. “Once I had that going, I started humming over the top, trying to find a melody that I liked. As soon as I found the first line, I kept going with that mood.”

If the song cuts deep, that’s perhaps because Meg poured so much of herself into its writing, a tale of trauma, escape, and re-discovery. “I had just run away to the country,” she recalls. “I was running away from my troubles. I was living in peace and quiet finally and really thought I’d figured it all out, and it was all smooth sailing ahead. It was the start of sorting out my life. This song was like my first step—I didn’t know it then, though.”

The new single finds Meg Mac elevating the promise of her early material while surging into fresh landscapes. It boldly pushes in multiple directions. Dilly Gent has come on board as Creative Director (previously Radiohead‘s CD for 16 years, and collaborator with Phoebe Bridgers on Punisher). The single’s stunning music video, directed by Alissa Torvinen, is shot in Portland and features Meg forging a path through a tempestuous storm to brighter skies. 

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Written by Matthew Patania

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