The Spiral Theory Announce Debut Album “Turn Of The Tide”

In a musical world that seems to cut itself up into more and more restrictive micro-genres, The Spiral Theory pride themselves on being a rock band with variety, having achieved airplay on Hamilton’s Y108, performing on some of Southern Ontario’s most prestigious live music stages, and earning top spots in talent competitions for Music Video for the Month of March, and 3rd place in the International Songwriters Day Contest. 

Toronto rockers Sandeep Swaminathan (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Joe Liranzo (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Alan Dennis (Drums), and Clarence Poirier (Bass), creatively mesh influences of The Police, Rush, U2 & R.E.M. to craft tunes of much experimentation. 

In the band’s own words:

“The Spiral Theory is continuously developing their contributions to the on-going history of new music. Their unique blend of modern pop melodies, vintage guitar tones, and progressive rhythms represent the next wave of modern rock.”

Recently announced was the release of their debut album, Turn of The Tide. Over the course of eight songsyou’ll hear active rock with a modern edge, elements of pop, a quintessential ballad, and even a galloping metal-tinged track for good measure. 

The opening track “Brace for Echo” sets the tone for what is an album built on unwavering vocals and top-notch instrumentation. It is here, we can hear just how much of an influence Canadian treasure Rush, has had on the band.

Towards the halfway point of the record, we are greeted with “Joker’s Game.” A grooving melody that hits you in the face with a powerful entrance into what is pure classic rock! With Swaminathan’s vocals leading the way, the song is brought to another level of intensity that is matched with hard-hitting drums, masterful guitar playing, and a tight bass line. 

A record dedicated to the amazing music made during the previous golden age of rock, these gents prove they are far from being a one-trick pony. Dare we say they are spiraling in the right direction? Keep your eyes peeled for future releases, as a band with this much fluidity is sure to impress for years to come. 

Stream the album below:

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